Window Film History
In the early 20th Century the use of glass was limited. Automobiles had less than 20 square feet of glass. Buildings had more bricks. Having a view was not a design consideration.

In the 50s, more glass was applied. The window coating industry evolved. It started with the application of liquid tint and developed into polyester-based dyed and metallised films. These old technologies dominated the market for 30 years, slow to reinvent. As the use of glass grew in popularity the limitations of existing technology needed to be challenged.
Huper Optik Vision
We had a vision to find the new material that will revolutionalize the industry. No dyes, no metals. No technology of the yesteryears. But superb heat rejecting material that will rewrite the history of window film.
About Advanced Ceramics
Ceramic, a material as old as mankind, yet revolutionary in shaping our future. Today, advanced ceramic coating is used by race cars to reduce under bonnet temperatures. NASA has utilized the superior heat resistant qualities of advanced ceramics to protect its space shuttles from extremely high temperature when the shuttles re-enter our atmosphere.
About Meister Keramische Technologie
Meister Keramische Technologie – using multi-layers of Titanium Nitride, producing the world’s 1st advanced nano-ceramic window film, with 3 times more superior heat rejection, 4 times lower light reflectivity, 13 degrees Celsius cooler, and 25 times more durable. Having a performance that is not an exception but the norm.